The Place Where Poetry Begins
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Windows to Your Soul

There’s a tiny place
That lets thoughts
soar through your body
It’s small
but important
It’s the place
the beauty
of poetry begins
The window
of curiosity
spreads through
the mind of

Audrey, 4th grade, McKinley-Thatcher


I Feel Different Things

I feel so happy,
under the bright sun.

I feel so sad,
under the dark rainy cloud.

I feel so angry,
under the hot burning sun.

I feel so relaxed,
under the big colorful rainbow.

I feel so excited,
under the big piles of snow.

I feel so scared,
under the cold dark cave

I feel…

Aurora, 3rd grade, Monroe

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You can be sad
you can happy
you can be mad
All these feelings
you can be.

Aidan, 1st grade, Fairview

A feeling is a thing inside you
it just sits there, every day and night
Sad Sad is like a sickness
Mad Mad is like a fire bright inside you
Happy Happy is like a joyful inside
Peaceful Peaceful is like feeling
you need some alone time
Funny Funny is like friendly inside
Those are the feelings we feel.

Sophie, 2nd grade, Lincoln


A Listening Crowd

I am standing in front
of a listening crowd.
There are a thousand eyes staring at me.
I look around
and all I see is a listening crowd.
My mouth tries to open
It’s as though someone
has duct-taped my mouth shut.
A listening crowd
is in front of me
leaning forwards,
waiting for something.
Still nothing comes, not one thing.
My palms are sweating,
my heart is pounding,
then I realize
that something
has come out –
a wonderful poem.
I am standing in front
of a listening crowd.

Bronte, 5th Grade, Steele


There’s a Poem Cooking in Me

There’s a poem cooking in me
It’s bubbling
It’s boiling
It’s setting itself free
Then it’s on paper because it is out of me

Abe, 2nd grade, Polaris

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Sometimes, Poetry Rhymes

Sometimes, poetry rhymes,
Sometimes it doesn’t
But it’s poetry as long as it uses powerful words,
And I don’t think that the powerful words should be long

Finn, 2nd grade, Cory

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Poetry is like a tree
Its branches are stretching
like zillions of possibilities
The roots are like
big thoughts of a poem.

Maxwell, 2nd grade, Steele

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The Days of Glory

Something to write about.
Something to sing about.
Something to think about
In the clouds above us
In the night sky.

Over the stars and past the moon,
Past the days of glory.

Madeline, 2nd grade, Polaris



Home is when I lay down
Home is when my bed is soft and smooth

It’s when I open the pages in a book,
Set sail into the ocean of words and details,
Go off into the wild waves of a story

See and act as a witness
to the wild adventures of audacious characters

Home is when I lay down
Home is when my bed is soft and smooth

Louisa, 5th grade, Southmoor

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My Stuffed Animals

Everyday I hear them,
“How was your day today?”
I sit down and talk to my furry, furry friends,
Then they suggest how my day should end.

We talk and play
For the rest of the day.
You’ll wake me at ten minutes ‘til noon,
And keep me up all afternoon.

They all love me,
And I love them back,
I’ll keep them forever,
And they’ll have my back.

Ebrie, 5th grade, Philips


My Blankie

My blankie’s name is Stripe
I snuggle with her every night
She is my Best
I use her
When I am sad
When I am angry
When my feelings are hurt too!
She is my Best

Maya, Kindergarten, Stedman


My World

My world is a world
Where unicorns fly,
And birds sing the most beautiful songs,
As fish dance along.

Where giants are friendly,
And everyone lives in peace,
Where geese migrate,
Mammals hibernate,
And snow slopes are fun.

Where people live and play fair,
Climbing mountains in less than a day,
Where everyone just has fun.

That’s my world.

Ebone, 5th grade, Philips

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I Will Explore

Someday I will explore
the stretched out sea
with the silent waves
following me
The breeze flowing
through the air
silently whispering to me
“Keep exploring”
And I do

Justin, 2nd grade, Steck

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Of Life

The faintness of stars
The freshness of mornings
The summit of the mountains

The hot of the sun
The blue of the sky
The beauty of the water

The brightness of the moon
The dark cold night
The cold of the snow

The green of the trees
The yellow of the light
The colorful planets

Ana, 5th grade, Valdez



Ella es elegatamente bella, que solo
quiero caminar alrededor de ella.

Con tan solo mirarte mi corazón brilla,
tanto como una estrella.

No importa esperar al otro lado en la orilla,
de aquel que fuese un mar de maravilla.

She is elegantly beautiful
All I want is to walk around her.
Just by looking at her
my heart shines like a star.
I don't mind waiting on the other side of the shore
of that which is a marvelous sea.

Gabriela, 1st grade, Ellis



Eyes crinkled up in the corner
Tan skin
Nice to me
Hugs me a lot
I am happy
Why is it blurry?
Need more

Abril, 2nd grade, Schmitt


When Grandma came home
She put her arms around me
Like she used to
We ate cereal
We drew pictures
We fell asleep

Andy, 1st grade, Howell

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I Miss My Dear Sister

I wish I could see my dear sister.
But not even the shooting stars
Who are carrying my wishes
Can shatter the opening of heaven.

But, I know she is there
Angels bring baskets of kisses
Night by night from her.

And I know she is there
By the image of my heart
That is shining away.

Although her warm hand
Hasn't reached me,
I still wish I could see her.
For I miss my dear sister.

Heidi, 4th grade, Castro

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What is the purpose?
To love?
To learn?
To love to learn?
To learn to love?
Is there some greater force than human?
Are we just dolls, to be tortured and rewarded
for that force’s amusement?
Or is there a surpassing purpose?
Are we to create peace?
Are we to save our environment?
Are we to clear the way
for the next generation of life?
Or are we just here to have fun
and make mistakes?
Does life even have a purpose?

Whatever the purpose may be,
do your best
and make choices that are right.
Live life to the fullest
because your life is yours
to do what you will,
but if you make bad choices
it will effect everyone around you.

Allison, 5th grade, Roberts

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Every day in a hurry to school
Making and doing our best
To make our parents proud of us
Doing what it takes to make it to college

Wondering if God watches me
Wondering if every day will go right
Or will it go wrong?

I’m a student in 5th grade
I’m a student who wants a scholarship

Adela, 5th grade, Marrama

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So sweet,
Their presents are homework

I have lot of presents!

Keddjra, 2nd grade, Trevista

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Grandpa’s Books

Beside the fireplace
There lay many, many books
They speak.
They tell a story.

We’re old,
We’re tired,
We’ve been torn,
We’ve been abused.
But we’ve been loved
And cared for too.

We tell a story.

We tell a story.

We tell a story.

Ashlee, 5th grade, Grant Ranch


My Opinion

I like it when birds wake me up in the morning.
I don’t like it when fish bite when I go swimming.
I don’t like it when weekends go by fast like the wind.
I like it when weekends go by slow like a snail.
I like it when I balance on my bike.
I don’t like it when I fall off my bike.
I like it when people pick up trash.
I don’t like it when people litter.

Hamza, 2nd grade, McMeen

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You Never Know

You never know
when anything will happen

You never know
when it will be good or bad

You never know
when it will make you cry

You never know
when it will amaze you

You never know
when anything will do anything

Vanessa, 4th grade, Columbine



Hope is the key to everything
Hope gives people strength to do anything
Things like dance and sing
When you have hope it’s like a dream
Because you do anything
Hope is also like a key to success
Because also when you have hope
You can go over,
and beyond
So when you have hope
Don’t let it go

Inez, 5th grade, Knight


What is?

What is the summer’s day as the winter’s night?
What is mean when it has nice?
What is black with white?
What is a spoon without a knife?
What is a napkin on top of a plate?
Questions and answers everywhere.

Mariah, 3rd grade, Samuels

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Inside my head.
Behind my eyes
A thought begins to grow and be.
A part of me.
And then I think.
I always know.
The thing I only got to know
As thought it was right there.
Behind my eyes
Where I keep on thinking.

Joy, 4th grade, Samuels



They flash through the brain,
millions a day,
some delivering deeper than others.

They spin their webs,
Those revolutionizing ideas,
which entangle
and become anew.
measure, weigh, and shape your person
Erode to create new

Every dying thought fertilizes another,
a time-warping garden of minds.
The subconscious mind is always at work,
an everlasting factory of everything.

Oscar, 4th grade, Edison



Sleep is the capitol of amazing.
Think about it.
You make yourself unconscious
for a long time!

Good night

Errol, 3rd grade, Edison

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A dream
is like a beam
of light
So bright
bright as the sun
So let out the fun
in your mind
and believe in magic

A cat
with no tall in a dream
A bat
with no wings in a dreamland
All this may become a reality!
A cat with wings may come to visit you.

Angel, 4th grade, McGlone

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The Sleep Poems

I lay in bed and I feel like I’m laying in a cloud and angels come to give me tea
as I slowly drift off.

I lay in my bed and I feel like I’m laying in the sand and the tide
is my never-wash-away comfy blanket.

I lay in my bed and I feel like I’m laying in the tall grass and many flowers
form a super-soft blanket.

I lay in my bed and I feel like I’m laying in the trees and the vines form a hammock
as I slowly fall asleep.

Ellington, 3rd grade, Lincoln

snow angels - keddjra gallagher.jpg

Soaring above us,
Dropping love dust on our heads.
Being there to catch us
Giving us confidence
Making midnight strokes
Through the gleaming stars

Katie, 2nd grade, Steck

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Angels, Angels Everywhere

Angels, angels everywhere
I see them flying by
They are as peaceful as the deep blue sky.
With their beautiful gowns
and their wings flutter
It’s like magic dust went over your skin
And made you a magical wand.

Faith, 5th grade, Newlon

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Lovely Little Angels

Lovely little angels
Buzzing bees of light
Watch over my treasure
In deep blue night.

Lovely little angels
Walk with me in school
Help me to be a better person
All day long

Julio, 4th grade, McGlone


Every Soul is a Star

Every soul is a star,
a unique shiny light.
Every soul is a star
and your star will shine bright.

Every star is in your heart.
It will guide you to your part,
guide you to who you are.
Your soul is a star.

Every person is a star
and every star is different.
Don’t let go of who you are.
Every person is a star.

Emma, 5th grade, Lincoln

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Mind Pool

Swirling, twisting pool
bottomless depth of your mind
where ideas form.

Isabel, 3rd grade, Polaris


In the water

We are in the water
singing our songs in the lake of darkness
swimming in our cities.

Jack, 3rd grade, Whittier


Fire Dance

You dance under pots and pans
You dance everywhere you go
On candles you do the tango
In ovens you do the waltz
On houses you do hip-hop

You dance everywhere you go
And that’s the fire dance.

Andrew, 3rd grade, Amesse

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Embers glow hot as iron,
and hot coals that start a fire.
When the flames are young and tame,
embers give them a fiery mane.
When the flames lap and leap,
feeding on the foliage meat,
embers flow within the deep
feeding on the deadly heat.

Rayna, 4th grade, Holm


Midnight Thunder

I’m dancing under the midnight thunder,
Can’t stop moving my feet
Can’t stop dancing under the midnight thunder.

I’ll be safe with you
No need to be scared
‘Cause I know you’ll be true
Protect me as I dance under the midnight thunder.

I’m dancing under the midnight thunder,
Can’t stop moving my feet
Can’t stop dancing under the midnight thunder.

JaFei, 5th grade, Bromwell

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At night after homework
I go to bed, I shut my eyes
A scene emerges from my head.
I go to imaginary places
Invent things
I meet new people
and when I wake up
I hope to live it, not just dream it.

Kayla, 5th grade, Fairmont


In a Land of Fantasies

Somewhere in a land of fantasies
Where imagination can fly
Somewhere it’s just me,
And no one but I.

Imagination creates that place,
The people and the views.
It’s a place
Where kinds and queens rule.

Where dragons live
And knights urging on.
Somewhere in a land of fantasies
Where dreams can live on.

Aleeya, 4th grade, Roberts

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