The World Is Made Of Thoughts
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When in trouble or in doubt
I think,
I always do
I think about
my life
my school
and everything I love
The world is made up of thoughts.

Devin, 5th grade, McMeen

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I wish
I was a butterfly
to fly and go
to Mexico

Karla, Kindergarten, Stedman


You can hear
The butterfly’s wings beat
a soft whisper
It flies around
as beautiful as can be
Soon you can see it mysterious colors

Azaelia, 2nd grade, Johnson

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The Sky

In the sky there are many beautiful colors.
The clouds move through the day, forming images.
The sun in the sky warms your face
and keeps the world filled with warmth.
When the sky lets down its tears, thunder roars.

The sky makes me feel happy and calm.
The sky makes me wonder what’s behind the universe.

Anyana, 5th grade, Park Hill

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The Lonely Forest

Gray, foggy
a negative impact lies within

Everything silent
Silent, as if dead

The only sound
is the wolf’s
lonely howl

And the wind’s eerie whistle
stirs the lonely forest

Vivian, 5th grade, Gust

The sweet little turtle
that lives near the ocean
She loves to see
the whales stare at her!

Leilani, 2nd grade, Barnum


I am little, I am yellow
I am a feathery fellow
I live in a nest, not in a cage
I am a little yellow bird

Nathalie, 3rd grade, Greenwood

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Mi perrito

con mi periito
Mi mamá
me dijo
no agarrario.
Mi hermana
lo tocó.
No le mordió.
Mi hermana grande
lo tocó
Tampoco le mordió.
Yo lo toqué
y a mí
sí. me mordió
¡Yo lloré!

My Puppy
I played
with my puppy
My mom
told me
not to pick him up.
My little sister
touched him,
and he didn’t bite her.
My big sister
touched him.
He didn’t bite her either.
I touched him
and, yes, he DID bit me!
I cried!

Jaime, Kindergarten, Valverde

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Mamita me llevas
a mi camita,
porque estoy dormidita.

Dear Mom
Dear Mom
can you take me to bed
because I am a little sleepy.

Cindy, Kindergarten, Force

mi mama y yo1.jpg

Mi mamá y yo

Yo limpio los trastes.
Mi mami limpia las mesas.
Yo limpio las fotos.
Mi mami limpia los mueblas.
Yo limpio los lápices.
Mi mami limpia la tele.
¡Todo quedó limpio!

Mom and Me
I wash the dishes.
My mom cleans the table.
I dust the photos.
My mom dusts the furniture.
I clean up the pencils.
My mom cleans the TV.
Everything is clean!

Katia, Kindergarten, Valverde

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Come Back

You always dream they will come back
Come into your dreams and kiss you on the cheek
The memory fades but it’s still there
A memory of people
People holding their arms out
Smiling and laughing

But it’s only a dream
you wish to see once more.

Paytan, 5th grade, McMeen

Wish For1.jpg

The Special Moment

I still remember the special moment
The waves splashing,
The salt water spraying,
Kids laughing.

It was paradise.
So fun.
So perfect.

With the sand in my hair,
The crabs lightly pinching my feet,
The sun shading my body to a light brown,
I sat there, on the beach.
Wishing it would never end,
But it did.

I still remember the waves splashing,
The salt water spraying,
Kids laughing.

It was paradise.
So fun.
So perfect.

The special moment.

Tessa, 5th grade, Roberts


The Place I Know

There is a place I know
For neither friends nor foe
But just for me, a place to go.

For laughing and crying,
For dreaming and sighing,
For me,
For me,
That place I know.

For reading books,
Or playing games.
For having a circus
With a lion to tame.

Someday I wish that I could show
But for now
It’s for me
For me,
That place I know.

Jenna, 5th grade, Cory


Do your best
on the test.
Don’t be shy,
just give it a try.
Four times two equals eight.
Hurry up or you’ll be late.
Stop trying to rhyme,
there’s no time.
The clock is going fast.
Don’t finish last.
Did you get an A?
Or you’ll have to stay.

Dominique, 5th grade, Columbian


I Am Lightning

I ride with
the thunderclouds
until they let me go
Then I touch
the wet ground
I am the electricity
of the sky
I zap so fast you can’t see
my colors
I am lightning

Alec, 2nd grade, Steck

Mother earth1.jpg

Shooting Star

One cold dreamy night
My eyes glanced at something bright
passing by my window sill.
I hopped out of bed and stood real still.
I wondered what it was
as there were so many things it could be.
I thought for a minute,
maybe two or three.
Shooting star popped into my head
and I quickly wished to see it again.

Machera, 4th grade, Traylor


Lo que me gusta

Me gusta escuchar los lapices rasposos sobre el papel.
Me gusta saborear los burritos calientitos y blanditos de chipotle.
Me gusta tocar el barro, mojabo, fangoso y rebaladizo.
Me gust aver fuegos artificiales grandes, coloridos, brillantes e iluminados.
Me gusta oler la lluvia mojada, fuerte, brumosa, chispeando y fresca,

What I Like
I like to hear the scratchy pencils on paper.
I like to taste warm, soft chipotle burritos.
I like to touch wet, slimy, squishy mud.
I like to see big, colorful, flashy, bright fireworks.
I like to smell moist, cool, hard, drizzly, misty rain.

Nayeli, 5th grade, Dennison


I Love Bowling

I love bowling. 
There are ten bowling pins.
It is my favorite sport.
When I knock down the bowling pins
it makes a loud BOOM! If you go fast!

Daelan, Kindergarten, Centennial



Legos are fun.
They build.
I build castles.
I do lots with them.
I break them.
I have lots of fun.
Click! Click!
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mateo, Kindergarten, Fairmont

insdie of me1.jpg

Inside of Me

Inside of me is a cool dragon, but it can be evil.
Inside of me is a box that has all of my favorite memories in life.
Inside of me is a diary with all my darkest secrets.
Inside of me is a light with all of the songs of my life.
Inside of me is a sweet dog, that sweet dog makes me do nice things.
Inside of me is a puzzle that is missing a lot of pieces.
It can never be put back together.

Sierra, 5th grade, Cowell


Raining On Me

Raindrops fall
Overflowing my hands
Eyelashes drenched
by the salty raindrops that blur my vision
These raindrops aren’t raindrops
from the sky
They are all my
love, joy, hate, and sadness
My feelings, my emotions
These raindrops are teardrops
the teardrops I cry

Asianae, 5th grade, Green Valley

silhouette sundset 1.jpg

What I Wish For

I wish for a clean earth
in the world of pollution.

I wish for peace
in a world of war.

I wish for the homeless to have homes
in the world of no homes.

I wish for people to be happy
in the world of unhappiness.

I wish for fairness
in the world of injustice.

Isabelle, 5th grade, Southmoor



Take flight
do something
do something exciting
something fun for a change
Have fun
Go wild
Be yourself

Katherine, 4th grade, Trevista

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