Everyone is a Masterpiece
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You are optimistic
when you have friends
but when you do not, you are pessimistic

You aren’t even wanting to see anybody bullying
It is really brutal
A lot of people are the victims
They did not deserve it at all

Everyone should be treated with equality
Everyone deserves a second chance
Everyone still has a nice side
Everyone is a MASTERPIECE!

Israel Roybal, Garden Place Academy


At the Library

Look! A book!
Look! A book!
Look! A Book!
Read me.

Sydney Johnson, Teller Elementary


A Book

At the cover, a new thought opened, and yet, connections created.
And through the pages we will read, until the end of history.
Maybe we will tame a dragon, maybe we will clash a castle.
Who knows? All the possibilities, your imagination is the limit.

Jonah Smith, Bradley International School



Comics, a funny delight.
So funny it’s a crime.
Characters, text bubbles everywhere!
So funny that
I could cry.

Ryan Nguyen, Traylor Academy


(Inspired by Walter Dean Myers)

I love that school
I said love that school
Like a teacher loves to read
to all her amazing children
I love that school
like a teacher loves to read

Dianna Mills, Holm Elementary School


Blue School
(Inspired by William Carlos Williams)

So much depends
on a blue school

sitting near
Harvey Park

Where children
play in the day.

Aspen Gardner, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy



educational, awesome
learning, reading, watching
education is very important

Zoe Flynn, Gust Elementary School



Teachers are like gardeners
Teachers appear at school every day
They are as busy as bees

Teachers give us work
and our pencils start to dance

Nubia Andrade, Garden Place Academy



My classmates
are like… like… like…
a zoo!
Like animals, animals, animals!
Like kangaroos!
And my teachers
are zookeepers.

Alexis J. Ellis, Garden Place Academy


happy, fun
write, read, teach
loves that children succeed

Karoline McKinney, Traylor Academy

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My First Poem

I don’t want to write a poem and I will never ever write one
I will run home not to write a poem
I will run around the school not to write a poem
I will call the police not to write a poem
I will yell Noooooo!
I will never ever write a poem
Did I just write a poem???

Hassan Hassan, DCIS at Ford


The World of Poetry As It Is

Is poetry a thing that
rhymes or expresses?
Or is it a thing
for everything and everyone?
I don’t know at all.
I would really like to know more.

What, oh what is poetry?
Is it amazing?
Is it spectacular?
Or is it gloomy
and sad?

Oh what, oh what is poetry?
Is it helpful
to you and all?

Daniel Nava, Traylor Academy

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Poetry is...

What is poetry? What is poetry?

It is all the twinkling stars
or a diamond that cannot be mined
or an animal that cannot be discovered.

people yell for poetry,
a genre that has a ton of topics
and can dance away.

Mateo Fleischer, Carson Elementary

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Famous Poets
There are many famous poets.
Yes, that includes you and me.
Here’s some poetry of my own:
As silence begins,

the moon shows her face
and it glows,
and the stars join her as children,
Night is here and all light is gone,

as the silence begins.
Even if there are so many great poets, keep writing.

Ilena Karner, Bromwell Elementary

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Soy un poema

Soy Aline la leedora
Me pregunto porque mi mama no regala a el perro si lo odia
Olgo que hay un gasolinazo en México
Veo que mi perro se porta mal
Quiero una moto
Soy la mejor en juegos de carreras en mi casa
Sient que quiero usar mi tablet
Pretendo ser jefe
Me Asusta Toby en las noches ya que parece fantasma en la noche
Me preocupa que mi mama regala a Toby
Lloro porque me lastime
Soy mexicana
Entiendoque Toby tiene miedo de mi mama
Digo que quiero mi tablet
Sueño que manejo la troca de mi mama
Trato de convencer a Julie qué se porte
Espero que mi familia no se separe

Aline Valenzuela-Lucero, Sabin World School


Poetry is...

A sun on the horizon
A light at the end of the tunnel
A hope after a month of despair
A silent night
A million years of peace
After all, poetry is...
the poet.

Charlie Ward, Carson Elementary

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