Our Hearts Are Woven Into Words
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Going to the Park 

What will you see? 

I will see a swing.
I will see a playground.
I will see a slide.

What will you see?
I will see moms and dads.
I will see a little girl.
I will see a little boy. 

What will you see?
I will see grass.
I will see trees.
I will see birds. 

When I go to the park. 

by Triniti, 
1st grade, Fairview


I dreamed I was a beaver
living in the woods
chopping down wood with my teeth.

I dreamed I was a tiger
locked up in a cage
roaring for my freedom.

by Bryan, 4th grade, Knapp


I love fruits
fruits, fruits, fruits
I hate vegetables
Ew, Ew, EW!

by Kristina, 4th grade, Castro


The Wind

Wind, I can't see you
but I can feel you there.

by Ahmed, 1st grade, McMeen


When the Sun Sets

When the sun sets
The sky turns orange. 

As the mountains rise 

It is time to leave. 

Goodbye to our friends. 

It is time to end. 

by Graham 
Kindergarten, Lincoln


Las estrellas

Las estrellas son muy 
luminosas y son muy brillosas. 

Son muy bonitas las estrellas.
Las estrellas son los ojos 
que iluminan la noche 
en el cielo. 

Una estrella es muy grande.
Las estrellas bonitas estan unidas 
en el cielo oscuro.

The Stars 

The stars are very 
luminous and very bright. 

The stars are very beautiful. 

The stars are the eyes 
that illuminate the night 
in the sky. 

Stars are very big. 

The beautiful stars are united 
in the dark sky.

by Amarani, 
3rd grade, Cowell 



Dreams come to me at night
as a gift from the world. 

I don't put up a fight, 
but let them in as a gift. 

They are a creation, 

a gift for us 
from our imagination. 

Dreams, my friend, are our friends. 

by Emma 
5th grade, Carson


My Wish

In all the wide world 

If I could change just one thing
I would change 
sad wars 

by Sheila, 
5th grade, Green Valley

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La Paz 

La Paz para mí 

Es como un diamante 

Dentro mi corazón 

La Paz
Es como
Un dulce pero 

Más dulce de lo que son.
La Paz es como una luz
Que viene de tu corazón
La Paz está muy 

Dentro de 

The Peace
Peace for me 

Is like a diamond 
within my heart
Is like a sweet candy 

But even sweeter 

Peace is like a light
That comes from your heart 

Peace is 
deep within you
Find it! 

by Rafael, 
3rd grade, Doull


Road of Peace 

A road of peace leads
To something extraordinary
You just have to follow that road 

by David, 
4th grade, Asbury



Sad, sad
I'm feeling 
People feel bad,
then they're 

No one 
is sad 
as me. 

No one is.

by Fernando, 
2nd grade, Howell


My Lonely Life

My mom died 

My dad left me 

I am in the dark
For now I can't say any more 

My heart has stopped 

by Shayang, 
5th grade, Kaiser 

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Before you say good-bye 

your hands are 
like a smooth 

washed gratefully in the rain 

Last time I touch 
your smooth 

Last time you 
say good-bye

by Iris 
4th grade, Smith


The Lonely Violin

There once was a very old violin, 

It was so old it couldn't sing. 

The rest of the old orchestra already broken from age,
The violin was the only thing sitting upon stage.
It played a tune so low, 

And played it very slow.
The audience sat silently, 

The music spread so wildly. 

by Ivan, 
5th grade, Kaiser


It's a Secret 

Did you hear 
I did. 
But what could it be? 

Is it a chain of shells in the sea?
Or maybe a rock 
clapping his 
hard hands together?
But it's a secret. 

by Janeya, 
3rd grade, Edison


A Poem 

A poem is a wonderful thing 

Because you can write about anything
Like the trees and the blue seas 

Or a king and his queen who sings in my dreams. 

A poem is a wonderful thing, 

Like the sun in the sky 

And the moon at night
It's so bright when it's time to say good night. 

by Elijah, 
2nd grade, Columbian


I am an astronaut.
I am the captain of the ship.
I tell the people what to do.
I went on the moon, 
then I came back to earth.
It was just my imagination,
I was reading a book! 

by Ryan 
2nd grade, McGlone


I am an air poet 

Flying with the geese 

Writing poems 

As I write
The poems 

Fly away and play 

Hide and seek 
in the clouds 
above me.

by Emma, 
4th grade, Traylor

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I will never 
do my homework 

I'd rather 
do poemwork
So now 
I'm doing double homework
of double poemwork
I turned in poemwork
instead of homework 

by Faith, 
2nd grade, Palmer


To Make Poetry

Skip to the castle 
with a golden eye,
also with confidence 
and a daring sigh. 

Open the door 
to the dark shadow. 

The guard will be there 
and he'll say "No!" 

Give him the golden key, 
you'll get to pass through.
You'll see a brown door 
and discover something new! 

Open the door. 
There will be a shiny light, 

a pencil, a notebook. 
Now you're ready to write. 

by August, 
4th grade, Bromwell



Poets make poems 
that rhyme all the time 

Poets make poems 
that have repetitive words, words, words 

Poets make poems 
with similes like "Poems are like songs" 

Poets make poems 
with onomatopoeias, ooooo aaaaa 

Poets make poems 
with metaphors, "Everybody is a poet" 

Poets make poems 
with alliteration
which is 
"Perfectly packaged poems 
perfectly picked" 

That is what poets 

Write poems about 

I guess I'm a poet

by Nellie, 
5th grade, Schenck



Poetry is weird, 

That is what makes it wonderful.
If you look closely, 

You can find the author's heart, 

Hidden and woven into words.
Look into this poem, 

What is it you see?
Is it Love, 

Can you see into my heart? 

If so, 
What do you see?
For poetry is my crystal ball. 

by Ella, 
5th grade, Southmoor

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