Dreams And Directions
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The heart is big. 

The heart is bigger
than an elephant.

Kindergarten, Fairview

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As my pencil flies

across the lines of a white paper sky
it leaves a trail of word birds

Now caged, trapped, shining
rustling, turning, twisting

Their bright colors leaving shadowy trails on my eyes,

All twittering to be heard,
at last they work together,
and make a perfect chorus

4th grade, Bradley

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What My Family Means To Me

Fantastic dad
Amazing sister
Magnificent puppy
Intelligent brother
Lemon bright family
You are the best mom

Eucebio, 3rd grade, Barnum


In The Spring

The rapturous flowers are growing in the spring.
The beautiful grass is always green.
The joyful rain falls slow, like gentle snow.
In the spring, the newborn birds sing.

Keiry, 3rd grade, Barnum

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My Fear

When I was
I had a
It was the most scary
in the world.

Kevin, 1st grade, Fairview

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The Juice Of The Fruit

I am from
a place called Mexico.
where all the delicious fruit come out
like mango, manzanas and naranjas.
Mango is a very good fruit.
When I bite it,
the juice of the mango comes down my arm
all the way to my shirt.

Kimberly, 4th grade, Eagleton

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Imagination is Everywhere

Imagination is in your heart
Like, imagine…
you were lost in a desert
and finally found…
a tunnel!
Imagination is everywhere…

Lorena, 2nd grade, Cowell


My Trip To The Computer Lab

I go into a forest of computers.
I sit and face a jungle called the Web.
It is an exploration.
An adventure.

Clifford, 1st grade, Colfax

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Como mi segunda casa

La escuela es como mi segunda casa;
en ella, los maestros me enseñen
sobre escritura, lectura,
matemáticas, ciencias, y estudios sociales.
La escuela es como un lugar
divertido porque
aprendes de una manera divertida.
La escuela es muy chida
y no sabría que hacer sin ella!

Like A Second Home
The school is my second home
there, the teachers teach me
about writing, reading,
math, science, and social studies.
The school is like an arcade
because one learns in a fun way
School is very cool
and I wouldn’t know what to do without it!

Nethania, 5th grade, Valdez

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School, School
I love the bright colors
that make it look fun to learn.
School, School,
you’re as bright as a lantern
and thanks to you,
I am TOO!

Jannelly, 5th grade, Colfax

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Flower Moon

Flower moon, born in a cocoon,
Sprouts and lives ‘til noon.
From the sun, and up above,
It’s all because of the flower moon.

Kaeli, 3rd grade, Edison

Flower Moon1.jpg

The Guardians


Early in the morning
The silver lioness slips
unto her throne of golden sunrise light.
She guards the blond bricks
and sprinkles
a hint of frost on them
as if sprinkling powdered sugar on a blond cake.


Day breaks and the second guardian appears,
the golden hawk of relevance
He raises his scepter of shimmering lights and basks it over


All day he shines
protecting and guarding the iron gates
of this learning sanctuary
and everything inside of


The sun falls and the next guardian arrives
An orange mouse
He squeezes berries of violet all over the sunset
Like an artist at work,
he watches over


Night falls
The final guardian rubs her eyes
A silver she-bear
who scatters stars
and protects with claws of bronze


Dawn breaks
The lioness falls
proudly unto her throne
Her golden eyes unblinkingly watch the


Sara, 4th grade, Trevista at Horace Mann

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Firemen save people from fires.
Firemen wear hats. Firemen wear black shirts.
Firemen go shopping, but firemen don’t waste time.
Firemen have to save people!

George, Kindergarten, Centennial


My Dog Moyo

When I was happy
when I had
my dog.

I am sad.
I had joy.
I was happy.

Giovanni, 2nd grade, Barrett



How what?
How do?
How do what?
How do you?
How do you what?
How do you know?
How do you know what?
How do you know when?
How do you know when what?
How do you know when the stars will fall?

Tazi, 5th grade, Stedman


Fire Dragon

Once I saw a dragon
over the mountain peaks
He was breathing fire here and there
He was flying in the moonlight
graceful as could be

Once I saw a dragon
flying in the night
breathing fire
on the mountain peaks

graceful as could be

Emily, 4th grade, Park Hill

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The Houses Have A Story

The houses on Chambers
The houses in Stapleton
Have people in them that have a story

A story of love
or a story of sadness

The houses on Peoria
The houses in Montbello
Have people in them that have a story.

Lauryn, 4th grade, Hallett



A lunch-room
A munch-room
My sandwich will go to the lunchroom

A yum-room
A fun-room
An anything-but-glum room

A slip-room
A dip-room
A be-careful-not-to-trip room

A grimey-room
A slimey-room
A sit-down-and-have-a-good-timey room

Nevi, 5th grade, Bill Roberts


Me And You

We are different
But me and you love
We look different
But me and you love
Just me and you!

Ben, 1st grade, Westerly Creek


The Trash Can




Stacy, 1st grade, Howell

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Around On A Bike

Around on a bike
I see the clouds.
On the bumpy sidewalk
the wind sounds so loud.

Next to our home, I see,
our neighbor’s kids
are filled with glee.

The birds are chirping.
The wind makes a sigh.
I pass a tree as it says, “Hi.”

In the park kids start to play,
while the sun shines on this day.

The streets are crowded
with cars all around.
A person passes me
with a hound.

Mother Nature
is such a cutie!
Around on a bike
I see this beauty.

Luis, 5th grade, Marrama


Bad Day

I’m sad
I’m having a bad day.
It’s bad for me.

Sam, 1st grade, Marrama

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Deep, Deep Caves

Dark and mysterious like a haunted house,
You go farther
and farther.
Loud screeching fills the air,
You go deeper

Glowworms twinkle in the darkness
like shining stars.

I love caves!
Long hollow tunnels surround the walls.
I love caves!

Edwin, 2nd grade, Montclair


Tornado Drill

Tornado drills are so boring.
They make you sit and stay.
I sit and crouch for now,
but I can’t do this every day!

Gabriela, 5th grade, Place Bridge

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Acrobats are like leaves
They fly
They soar
They flip
And spin
Leaves are like acrobats

Luke, 1st grade, University Park

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Moon oh moon
You almost look like a dolphin
Moon oh moon
You are jumping out of the sky

Rawan, 2nd grade, University Park

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Lemonade Walk

Powder fluff bumblebees tumble around on deep grey paths of sidewalk.
Light swarms of mist patter my face while silky red roses bloom bright.
Pebbly black chunks of neighborhood gravel roll underneath tennis shoes.

Mary, 4th grade, Bradley


In The Spring

The rapturous flowers are growing in the spring.
The beautiful grass is always green.
The joyful rain falls slow, like gentle snow.
In the spring, the newborn birds sing.

Lesly, 3rd grade, Barnum

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Don’t Tell Me!

Don’t tell me
I won’t fail
For it might
Not be true

Just tell me
You’ll still love me
Even if I do!

Jesus, 4th grade, Newlon

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I Want To Be Like You

When I grow up
I want to be like you…
Pretty, too.
When I grow up
I want to be like you.

Amaraini, 4th grade, Newlon

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Lesly, mi mejor amiga.
Lesly, hermosa como una rosa.
Lesly, brillante como las estrellas del cielo.
Lesly, radiante como la luna de la noche.
Lesly mi mejor amiga.

Lesly, my best friend.
Lesly, beautiful as a rose.
Lesly, bright as the stars in the sky.
Lesly, radiant as the moon at night.
Lesly, my best friend.

Gloria, 3rd grade, Godsman

lily Lesly.jpg


Mira la luna, es muy gris como tu pelo; plateada como tus ojos;
grande como el inmenso mar rocoso; como las piedroas, y negra como el cielo.

Look at the moon, as gray as your hair; silver, like your eyes;
big, as the immense rocky sea; like stones, and black as the sky.

Jared, 3rd grade, CMS


A Bad Day

I don’t like a bad day.
I have to stay inside and not play.
My mom and dad do not pay.
I don’t like a bad day.

Samantha, 3rd grade, CMS


My Dinosaur

My dinosaur
He is

Hector, Kindergarten, Force


Beautiful Parrots

Beautiful parrots
they’re such a lovely sight.
Wonderful fascinating colors
red, green, and white.
They’re funny when they talk.
They’re funny when they walk.
They have a beak
and they speak,
like the screech as loud
as a hound.
Flying around they land on your hand.
They sing like a band.

Lucy Rippey, 2nd grade, Bromwell

Sanam Anand copy.jpg

was a bad day.
will be good
I was mad

Leila, Kindergarten, Force

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El sol

Sol brilloso
que sale todos
los días
en la mañana
el corazón

The Sun
Bright sun
you come out
every day in the morning
warm up
my heart

Carolina, 3rd grade, MSLA

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A School Is Fun

A school
is fun.

Isabella, Kindergarten, Gust

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Some People Are Like Slinkies

Some people are like slinkies,
not serving a purpose
but bringing a BIG smile to your face.

Some people are like yo-yos,
going up and down, up and down,
sometimes completely unraveling!

Some people are like stickers,
stuck on a wall, never leaving,
just sitting there supporting you.

Some people are like boomerangs,
leaving and coming back,
leaving and coming back.
But sometimes they just disappear
into the big toy box
we call life.

Lily, 5th grade, Grant Ranch


Tiny Feathered Airplanes

So small and gentle
Smooth chirping in the morning
Soaring up above

Jasmine, 5th grade, Grant Ranch

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Painting art in words
Anything is possible
when your pencil touches the page
magic happens on the paper
when you write poetry

Penny, 4th grade, Park Hill
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