A Poem Knows

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Poems, poems
What great fun you'll have with poems.
They can be sad.
They can be silly!
Oh, what a wonderful time
you'll have with poems.

Isabela, Fifth grade, Columbian



Windy is the wind
Windy is the rain
Windy is the cloud
Windy is windy.

Adelé, Kindergarten, Asbury


Whales are cool
They have baleen
I have teeth
When they breech
We both take a breath

Jared, Kindergarten, Denison


My uncle died and my turtle died.
My mother left my turtle out in the sun.
My uncle’s heart stopped.
I am going to get another turtle.

Sloane, Kindergarten, Denison

Mi Mamita.jpg
Mi mamita

Mamita, mamita
eres muy bonita te quiero con amor y tú eres mi sol
y en la mañanita me despierto con amor
My Mommy
Mommy mommy
You are very pretty I love you with love
And you are my sunshine And in the early morning I wake up with love

Esmeralda, Kindergarten, Force



Pajarito, pajarito de piquito coloradito
me gusta tu canto tan bonito
todas las mañanas
tu canto me despierta
y el sol al mundo alerta
Little bird, little bird
with reddish little beak
I love your beautiful songs
and every morning
I am awakened by your loving melodies
and the sun wakes the rest of the world.

Liliana, First grade, Archuleta

Beautiful Butterfly.jpg

Beautiful Butterfly

I saw a beautiful butterfly
I loved it
Beautiful wings
They were the color of the green grass
And the blue sky
It landed on my hand

Aislin, First grade, Doull

Sea Shells.jpg

Sea Shells

Pretty lines
bumps pokey twirls

Helen, First grade, Marrama

On Ice.jpg
On Ice

On ice
we glide.
On ice
we slide.
On ice
we play.
On ice.

McAllister, First grade, Slavens

Ordinary Day.jpg

It’s an Ordinary Day

There’s a tiger on the sidewalk. It’s an ordinary day.
He’s riding a bicycle in an ordinary way.
There’s a giraffe in my shower singing ordinary songs,
hippos running down the stairs singing ordinary sing-alongs.
There’s a pig in my bedroom painting ordinary trees.
There’s a bear in my backyard chasing ordinary bees.
There are monkeys in the dining room playing ordinary dress-up.
One dressed as a lady, one as her pup.
So, as you can see,
it’s an ordinary day for the animals – but not for me!

Audrey, Second grade, Bromwell


Gliding on the playground as quiet as a mouse.
Skipping across the pond as silent as a fish.
I skip across the forest floor with my leaf friends.

Cleo, Second grade, Lincoln


wanders in the snowy forest
longing for a friend.

Sami, Second grade, Lincoln

Divign Board.jpg

Diving Board

Long line
Cold and impatient
Lifeguard watching
You say to yourself
I’m scared
Like butterflies flying around In your stomach
When you
The butterflies
Are free
Diving Board

Ella, Second grade, SIS

Dont forget your tips.jpg
Don’t Forget Your Tips

There are so many tips you need to live to be on your own.
But even if you have them you still have problems in life.
Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s unperfect. Everybody’s both.
So, say you are an expert bike rider. you still need a helmet and such.
Everybody has issues in life, it’s nothing to whine about.

Brianna, Second grade, Whittier

Face Licker.jpg

A face licker
A barking machine
A hug giver
A friend pouncer
A food hogger
A fence jumper
A playful friend
What am I?

Maria, Third grade, Eagleton

Hermosa nieve.jpg
Hermosa nieve

Blanca y hermosa nieve
ven a mi casa para que yo juegue
Blanca y hermosa nieve ven a mi casa porque pareces una sábana tendida en mi jardín
Blanca y hermosa nieve tengo frio, me como un arroz con leche caliente que parece como nieve
Blanca y hermosa nieve tú me dijiste que querías venir a mi casa
Beautiful Snow
White and beautiful snow come to my house I play
White and beautiful snow come to my house You seem to be a sheet hanging over my yard
White and beautiful snow I have cold rice with hot milk which looks like snow
White and beautiful snow you told me you wanted to come to my house

Ana, Third grade, Godsman

Days Begin.jpg

Days begin
like water filling up
a tall glass

Cherokee, Third Grade, Hallett

Birds fly high.jpg

The birds fly high, up in the sky.
The fish swim low, deep down below.
Here I am in between;
Staring at the trees so green.

Gage, Third Grade, Sabin

The Forest

Towering oak trees surround me
Blocking the sun’s golden glare
Silver water trickles down a stream
Capturing the sunlight
Icy cold water drip-drops down
Then the water starts
falling into snowy white foam
Bursting the silence
Then flowing to the shore
Where gentle grasses cover the rolling hills
Silver spiderwebs glisten
As dew settles on its delicate surface
Dazzling diamonds and
Ravishing rubies cover the web
Beautiful but deadly
I stare in wonder at these gifts of nature
And I realize that I love the forest

Saskia, Fourth grade, Bromwell

Amazing field trip.jpg

Summer is diving into the deep end
even though you’re afraid
and watermelon juice trickling down your face,
and your windblown hair flapping around your head
and staying up late at sleepovers
and sleeping in on weekends
and laughing until your sides ache
and diving into the deep end
even though you’re afraid

Aurelia, Fourth grade, Bromwell

Early each Sunday.jpg

Early Each Sunday

You used to be a preacher, because you wanted to teach about God,
and things like that you’d wake early each Sunday, and
then you’d be gone to stand in the spotlight of the stained glass
windows and candles, lighting the faces of the men and the women and me
Smiling, you’d smile back
Now that that’s over, you wake early
each Sunday to listen to a voice that isn’t yours
standing in the spotlight of the stained glass
windows and candles, lighting the faces of the men and the women
but not me, because it isn’t the same
But grandpa, since you’re now retired you can spend more time with me.

Cleo, Fourth grade, Edison

The Whispering Whip-poor-will

The Whip-poor-will whispers in my ear
singing the saddest song that goes, “Whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will.”
It flutters past with glorious wings graceful as a butterfly.
The Whip-poor-will sings its sad song that puts me to sleep.
The Whip-poor-will will sing its sad song tonight.
It comes out at dawn when the moon starts to shine bright.
When it’s the right time the Whip-poor-will start to sing.
It’s music to my ears.
When the sun sets, the Whip-poor-will flutters away.
I can’t help smiling.
All you can hear is its sad song.

Jordan, Fourth grade, Palmer

Cave Kiss.jpg

Cave Kiss

As you stand in the humid cave
The simplest of life appears
The single drop
of warm water
from an incoming stalactite
your musky forehead
you have a
cave kiss

Ava, Fourth grade, Southmoor



My grandma cares for me. She loves me so.
We may not have the same opinions about style,
But we still love each other.
She gives me all that I need, which is love!
She cheers me up when I am gloomy.
We’re like two peas in a pod, my grandma and I!

London, Fourth grade, Traylor

Empty Moment.jpg

The Empty Moment Of My Life

I couldn’t believe
That my heart was empty
Like a little boy
Who runs away from home
Because his parents
Fight too much

Emely, Fifth grade, Cowell

Tree 2.jpg
This Is The Tree

This is the tree that you can climb.
This is the tree where you could be president!
This is the tree where you could be happy!
This is the tree where you can read and sing!
This is my tree!
Which tree is yours?

Leslie, Fifth grade, Newlon



As fragile as china
As big as infinity
As anxious as a tiger approaching its dinner
As able as God
As kind as Mother Nature
As willing as a parent
Blooms like a flower
Grows like a tree branching out happiness inside

Lily, Fifth grade, Steck

Amazing Field trip 2.jpg

The Amazing Field Trip

94 degrees, standing in the sun
Walking down the street, having some fun
Wading down the river
Getting a shiver
We put our feet in the sand and turned
Oh, how much it burned
We left the park
People thought there was a shark
And went into the ice cream store
And got it in pairs of four
The wonderful Ms. Wilson got us ice cream
I soon banged my head on a beam
We then went back to the school
I realized I left my stuff and felt like a fool!

Harper, Fifth grade, Trevista


In the center a golden star
Edged by a circular bar
A starfish on a sandy beach
A swimming pool you can almost reach
A juicy, juicy delicious apple
A juicy, juicy delicious apple

Gretchen, Fifth grade, University Park

Bright Inside.jpg

Bright Inside

A book can sometimes be clumsy and flumsy
but when you look inside
your eyes just come alive you feel bright inside
you feel like reading for all your life!

Alissa, Fifth grade, Castro

A Book KNows.jpg

A Book Knows

A book knows what you want to learn about
and what you want to hear.
It loves to be read and admired.
It is a house for words.
When you flip the page the words get in order.
A book knows.

David, First grade, Lincoln