". . . traces like lightning strikes . . ."
by Kaitlyn Kraybill-Voth, Denver School of the Arts, Class of 2013
(Originally published in Volume Two: The Place Where Poetry Begins)


Let us sever these chains

of silent indifference.
Let it deteriorate
like un kept vows
slippery on our tongues,
like the ghosts of ancient butterflies
rusting prose,
breaking in un defiant grace.
Acceptance grows closer to us in the darkness.

Poetry in the rough of childhood
holds truths
of forgotten innocence,
rare purity
in the chaos
of the broken shrapnel
of our clouded hearts.

See, through a child’s eyes,
the language of unpolluted beauty
and guiltless radiance.
For in the youthful poetry
are traces
like lightning strikes
It is they
who will hold this broken world
in their fingers,
like pencils.

It is written.