New Poetry!

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One recent afternoon, a student came up to me with a newly-written poem. It hadn't been submitted for our book, but the student wondered if it could possibly still be considered. I was quite struck with this poem. It was truly delightful! My mind immediately jumped to our newest book, and I knew right where this poem would fit. It would be perfect... except that I had completely finished the book a few weeks before, and had sent it off to the printer. There was no way their poem could be included.

I consider that student's poem a "new poem." It is so new that it came to me after our most recent book was published, after all. It's a prime contender for our next poetry anthology, but in the meantime you can read it here! Here are other poems, too, that just missed being included. Even though we are able to include several hundred poems in each anthology, there are many more that cannot be included for one reason or another. There could never be a book big enough to hold them all. Luckily, they can be found here instead! Please enjoy these lovely, fun, and remarkable... new poems!

Soy Sauce
by Emerson Raichart, 1st grade, Sabin

Soy Sauce is my boss.
Soy is a boy.
He makes me happy when he is near,
takes my fears and tears.
His golden eyes are like coins form a treasure.
Black fluffy fur like a dark storm.
The cuddles makes me calm.
He chatters meow to talk to me.
Wow, I love him so much!
Magical tail swooshes.
Whiskers that dance.
His big paws prance.
My little panther Soy Sauce.

Soy Sauce Cat.jpg

by Colin O'Rourke, 3rd grade, Swigert

I have a cool pet, his name is Jackrabbit,
he's quite strange because of his habit.
And the habit you wish ot know,
hold on to your head 'cause it just might blow.
He puts food in his head, I know it's insane,
I don't know why, you should ask his friend Wayne.
Everyone says that he is crazy,
and for me not stopping him, they say I am lazy.
I'll tell you for a fact that he is... well, he;s still crazy.
But he'll be my forever friend, no matter what obstacle.
We'll celebrate our friendship with a sweet little popsicle.
I said what I said, and I'll say it again,
he will be my friend, until...
The End!


Christmas Eve
by Delaney Svensson, Polaris

Many hoofprints through the snow
A little red nose ready to glow
A puff of powder then a sleigh
A jolly old man filled with glee
Sliding down chimneys
then under the tree
Filling children with jolly and glee


Winter Excitement
by Sylvia Williamsen, Polaris

Christmas morning comes excitement
Opening, opening, opening galore
Whiteness falling
Playing, calling
Bundled up so warm.

Afterwards a festive drink
of warm hot chocolate
nice and deep
Ginger houses, humans, fun
All through the glamorous one

Those delicate snowflakes
Sprinting down in a flurry
So exquisite they are
Hours to make, hours to enjoy
Hours to enjoy those delicate snowflakes


Soy Judith
by Judith Ibarra-Diaz, Sabin

Soy una niña mexicana
Me pregunto por qué mucha gente son inmigrantes
Oigo música de mi hermana en la noche
Veo muchos niños en la escuela
Quiero un iPhone7
Soy na niña que tiene muchos hermanos
Siento cansada
Pretendo que mis hermanos van a ir al
Me preocupo que me muero
Lloro para mi familia
Soy una niña
Entiendo mi mamá cuando habla español
Espero para mi familia venga de México

two flags.jpg

A Poem
by Erika Danzer, Bromwell

A Poem
for peace
for the world

A Poem
for birth and life
health and well-being

A Poem
for death
and for leaving


by Abigail Reyes- Reza, Sabin

Winter is cold
Winter is white
Winter is a polar season

Spring is warm
Spring is rainy
Spring is a lovely season

Summer is hot
Summer is active
Summer is an outdoor season

Fall is breezy
Fall is leafy
Fall is a back-to-school season
Kids on the Slide.jpg

You Can Trust Love

by Nehemiah Hilton, Garden Place

Love is like a thing you can trust
It will never ever
never ever
let you down

You can tell love everything
The good even the bad

Love is like heaven
Your love will help you
like your family helps you

Love is a process
Love is your BFF

Guy Celebrating.jpg

by Alex Jurow, Cory

Every day
I wake up
and the first thing I hear
is birds chirping
and the nice wave of the ocean
and the fresh Hawaii air.

by Sage, University Park

People at work
People at school
People at home
Oh, people everywhere!

People jump
People laugh
People sing
Oh, people having fun!

People resting
People whispering
People leaving
No people left anywhere!

Face1.jpg Face7.jpg Face2.jpg

My Crazy Hair
by Alan, 4th grade, Remington

My hair is
as idiotic as
a lion's mane

My hair is
as large as
an eagle's beak

My hair is
as black
as a cat


La familia siempre
by Roberto, 5th grade, Swansea

La familia siempre
Esta unida y nunca
Esta separada
Siempre unida

La vida de mi familia
Siempre esta

Y los que
matan a sus fmailias
es los mas triste

Por que?
Porque todos
Los que los amaron
Murieron en sus manos

The Family Always
Family always is united
Always united
and never separated
A family's life
Is always united
And those that murder
Their own families
are the most sad
Because those who loved them
Died in their arms


Mi familia
by Paulina, Remington

Mi familia
juega conmigo.
Mi familia come conmigo.
Mi familia platica .
Mi familia se enoja.
Mi familia es alegre.
Mi familia me quiere y yo los
quiero tambien.

My family
My family
Plays with me.
My family
Eats with me.
My family talks with me.
My family gets angry.
My family gets happy.
My family loves me
And I love them.

Mom 1.jpg

by Karen, 4th grade, Valdez

I admire you because you work so hard.
You always clean the house and you clean the yard.
You always listen to my problems
You tell me what is wrong and what is right
You let me wonder at night.
You also held me with my homework.
And you tell me every day to read.
Even if I read I don't turn my homework in.
But that is everything I need.

dias de las madres - victor sanchez.jpg

My Mom
by Cecilia, 4th grade, Valdez

My mom, my mom
my mom always takes care of us

My mom, my mom
my mom is beautiful like
the sun and flowers

My mom, my mom
my mom is an angel

My mom, my mom,
my mom always works for us.

My mom, my mom
my mom loves us and we love her back.

I love my mom for the things she does.

Girl 2a.jpg

Baby Moments
by Mae, 3rd grade, Cory

My mom adopted me
She held me tight
Her tears trickled down
They touched the baby
All of a sudden the baby


But my mom is loving
Our tears mixed
to warm the heart

mother and daughter.jpg

Tu Cumpleanos
by Daphne, 1st grade, Ellis

Hoy que es tu cumpleanos
Te voy a dar tu deseo
Tu eres la mejor mama
De todas.
Te voy a regalar toda mi vida,
Mi alma, y mi corazon.

Your Birthday
Today it is your birthday.
I will give you a wish.
You are the best mother
Of all.
I will give you all my life,
all my soul, and all my heart

allie's poem 2.jpg

Poema a la Madre
by Ever, 2nd grade, McGlone

Madrecita querida.
Bella y bonita.
Tu eres el angel
De mi vida
Madrecita bonita.
Alma de mi vida
Dulce y delicada
De mi Corazon
Llevas mucho Amor
Por mi con pasion

Poem to Mother
Dearest mother
Pretty, beautiful
You are the angel
Of my life
Dearest Mother
Soul of my life
Sweet and delicate
of my heart
You are full of love


Just Us Two
by Olivia, 3rd grade, Cory

We sit on the sofa,
Sipping tea,
My dad and sisters are away

My mom says it's nice to have time
With just us two

Even though we're not,
It seems as though we're talking

I look at my mom, she looks back at me
A smile finds my face, and my mom's, too

My mom's arms close tight around me
I put my head close to her heart
and whisper
"I love you."


No Matter
(Dedicated To Darrent Williams' Children)
by Jordan, 5th grade

No matter where I am.
I will always be a Bronco.
No matter what.
I will always love you.
No matter what happened that night.
I'm ok and I'm happy.
No matter who did what.
I'm ok.
No matter what.
I will always be your dad.
No matter where I am.
I will be free to touch the sky.
Run where I want and have pride
Of my name.
No matter where you are.
I will wait in heaven for you and we will meet again.
No matter what.
I will always be your daddy.

love - camilla green2.jpg

by Citlali, Kindergarten, Munroe

Pretty and soft
Happy and nice
She's special
I love her!

jon miller king poem copy.jpg

My Christmas Present
by Jasmin, 2nd grade

Under a tree
With a big blue bow
just waiting for me
what could it be?
A gift card? A dolly?
A hula hoop? Please
Mom just tell me?

flowers and house.jpg

by Jessica, Remington

Flores, flores que lindas son.
Algun dia las recogere
para darselas a mi mama
para que este contenta y para
que sea feliz.

Flowers, flowers
They are so beautiful
Someday I will pick them
To give them to mom
So she could be content
and be happy.


by Josue, Remington

Ayer afuera mi papa hizo de comer.
Mmm, huele a carne asada.
Mmm, huele a hot dogs.
Mmm, huele a tortilla.
Tengo hambre.

My dad cooks.
Mmm, the steaks smell yummy.
Mmm, the hot dogs smell yummy.
Mmm, the tortillas smell yummy.
I'm hungry.

candy - richard menchaca2.jpg

by Abby, Kaiser

Gumdrops are so yucky
and red gumdrops taste so yucky
and they have
white stuff on the gumdrop


My Kitty Cat
by Ciera, 3rd grade, Knapp

My kitty cat
my kitty cat is comical
he likes to play
with things that
move like pants,
ants and mouse
in a house a teeny
doll when he's tired
I told him he's fired
my kitty cat
my kitty cat
is whimsical

sharks - kevin biddix2.jpg

by Julius, 1st grade, Greenlee

Black eye
Kind of purple


A Butterfly
by Tiayra, 1st grade, Greenlee

A butterfly
a butterfly
has wings

A butterfly
a butterfly
can fly

A butterfly
a butterfly
has black skin

A butterfly
a butterfly
is soft

I got to pet a butterfly
it was a great day

butterflies gliding - isabela.jpg

Going to the Zoo
by Alexis, 5th grade, Schenck

I went to the zoo
On a Saturday night
I saw all the animals
But the lion gave me a fright
The penguin was my favorite
With its sunny bright beak,
It was quite a sight!
At the end of the day they asked me
How was the zoo?
It was okay
But I could see that at my school!

dog and fly.jpg

My Dog
by Noah, Kindergarten, Kaiser

He runs
He plays
He is sweet
He is happy
He is big
My dog

bat 2.jpg

by Jason, Kindergarten, Kaiser

Fly at night
fast and slow

bat3 - jovany casas.jpg

by Cristian, 4th grade, Valdez

Puppies are like angels
when you buy one
you want to play with him right now
they make you laugh
and make you feel better when you are sad
It starts to grow
Oh I wish it didn't grow
it gets bigger and old
oh I wish it didn't grow
it gets weak, it's very old
off to the grave yard we go.

cute fgures 2.jpg

by Jennifer, 1st grade, Knapp

Three little pups
singing out a song
Three little pups
yawning out a yawn
Three little pups
bring out my love!


by Teresa, Force

Cachorrito, cachorrito
piel muy suave
collarcito rojo
hocico negro con bigotitos
y tu me haces
sentir triste,
porque tus ojos
me dicen, que quieres jugar.
Ruf, ruf! Y yo tambien.

Puppy, Puppy
Your skin so soft
Little red collar
Black nose with little whiskers
And you make me
Feel sad,
Because your eyes
Tell me that you want to play.
Ruff, ruff! Me too.

perritos - kenia chavarria2.jpg

by Destanie, 1st grade, Greenlee

Roses are blue
Roses are red
Roses are yellow
Roses are green
Roses are purple
Roses in action

spring poem - emily guzman2.jpg

by Angel, 1st grade, Greenlee

Ladybugs fly
Ladybugs crawl
Ladybugs climb trees
Ladybugs are cute
Ladybugs are nice
Ladybugs Tickles you
I like ladybugs!

winter tree.jpg

by Dalia, 5th grade, Knapp

Snowflake snowflake
on my tongue
Snowflake snowflake
You are so yum!


The Wind
by Galen, 4th grade, Dora Moore

When the wind blows past
My hair blows too
When the wind blows past
The leaves blow up
and they fly up into the blue

spring scene.jpg

A Soft Field of Wind
by Emma, 2nd grade, Lincoln

A soft field of wind kisses your face
The snowflakes dance around and
take a quick nap on your cheek
You Walk around in your fresh-from-the bathtub suit
You lay down like your waiting to fall asleep
The snowflakes push against your face, like a feather
There is a crack, flowers waiting to bloom
You flick up some snow like a white cat,
pouncing into a tree


Mysterious Water
by Victor, 4th grade, Fallis

Refreshing water moves from place to place
Golden horses riding along
Like stars in the dark silent night
Gray clouds approaching home.
Trees get ready for fall.
Green grass turns gold.
Windows like sad frowns.
The beloved man saying sorry two times.
The horse helps the beloved man.
The mysterious water is a dark blue blanket,
The lonely silent house waits
For people to arrive in the lonely place.
The Colorado wind sings.
The yellow grass is brilliant
Like a sunflower in summer.
Would you like to move in?

frog - melissa garcia2.jpg

The Silent River
by Inaki, 3rd grade, Samuels

This river
thin and silent
One part
is pitch black with leeches
leaping out of the water
like frogs
the rest
has rocks that shine in the water
like gold


City Life
by Grant, 5th grade, Carson

I'm on top of the world
Looking down at the awe-inspiring buildings of Paris
The majesty of the city is at my feet
The twilight creates a masquerade of shadows
as the smell of croissants returns me to bliss
The majesty of the city is at my feet

another bird 2 - force.jpg

The Amazon
by Trinnell, 2nd grade, Howell

The Amazon is so, so scary,
And so, so hot.

Run, run,
The Jaguar is coming,
With yellow piercing eyes
Black rottes
Eating pineapples
From the trees.

Save the Rainforest.

Do you like ice cream made from
vanilla beans?
Well if you do.

Save the Rainforest.

birds - manuela2.jpg

by Destanie, 1st grade, Greenlee

Roses are blue
Roses are red
Roses are yellow
Roses are green
Roses are purple
Roses in action

lillies - kara bowman2.jpg

El Arbol
by Juan, 1st grade, Ellis

El arbol
Tiene flores rojas
Como las rosas
Tan brillantes
Como el sol y
Baila en el viento.

The Tree
The tree
Has red flowers
Like roses
As bright
As the sun
They dance in the wind.

willow tree - haleigh anderson2.jpg

The Deep Blue Sea
by Reggie, 5th grade, Columbine

I am
moving gently
forward past the wrinkled
rocks of the sea,
as I swim
swish swish swish
bubbles burst
from the wobbling
like little jellyfish
as they rise
I don't have as much time
as I need to
so I go

ocean sunset.jpg
by Mercell, 5th grade, Steck

The puffy white and pinkish clouds
float above the snowy mountains and look as
if they were watching the mountains.
The pretty pastel colors of a princesses
castle with fluffy pink clouds rolling above
the mirror of nature is before me reflecting
every move I make. The rocks sit stiff
on the thick layer of white
blanketing snow. The icy lake looked like
a giant mirror reflecting the sky and
clouds. Ice cracking on the water like
glass shattering on the floor. The cool
snow freezes in the shadow of the mountains.
The sun shining on a mountain making it
glow. The water looked like powerful lava
melting everything with its touch.

climbing the mountain - amy taylor2.jpg

Brilla, brilla linda estrella
by Oscar, Remington

Cuando veo al cielo,
en la noche veo
estrellas que brillan
alrededoer de la luna,
muchas estrellas bien brillosas
que las puedo ver hasta
el cielo.
Me gusta cuando brillan.
Linda estrella
te pareces como
un dimanete.

Shine, Shine Bright Star
When I look up at the sky
At night time I see
Stars that shine bright
Around the moon
There are lots of shiny stars
That I can see.
I love when they shine.
Beautiful star
You are like a diamond.
Shining in the sky.

shooting star1.jpg

by Laura, 5th grade, Garden Place

Hold fast to stars
For if stars die.
Life is a blind crocodile.
That could not see.
Hold fast to stars.
For when stars go to earth.
It is a barren sky.
Delighted with colors

big round moon1.jpg

by Amanda, 4th grade, Samuels

Like fish swimming in a pond
Only a sound of crickets

Can you heart it?
Can you hear it?

The light of the moon shining above us


moon and two stars1.jpg

El sol y la luna
by Amy, Force

Que bonito es el di­a
Que bonita es la noche
El sol sale de dia
La luna de noche
Estrellas brillantes
En el cielo estarn
Cuando abras tus
Ojos y ya no estarn

The Sun and the Moon
How pretty is the day
How pretty is the night
The sun comes out during the day
The moon at night
Bright stars
Will be in the sky
When you open your eyes
They will no longer be there

stars and stars1.jpg

Bello saturno
by Abner, Remington

Saturno, te
banas con la
luz del sol todos
los dias por eso
te ves bello.
nunca te veo con
tus anillos, pero te
extrano Saturno.
Cada dia te
bello, Saturno. Tus
colores se ven
como un arco iris.
estas lejos,
eres grande
y desconocido.
Saturno, te
banas con la
luz del sol todos
Saturno, Saturno, Saturno.

Beautiful Saturn
You bathe with the
light of the sun.
That's why you
look so beautiful.
I never see you
With your rings,
but you are beautiful
Your colors are
Like the rainbow
You are far,
You are big and
Saturn, you bathe
With the light of the sun
Saturn, Saturn, Saturn.

earth - tanner spreeuw2.jpg

by Derek, 5th grade, Waller

Round, Big
Rotating, Living, Developing
The Earth Pleases Me

earth - andres gomez2.jpg

Water Cycle
by Rosendo, 1st grade, Greenlee

Water cycle


My Brain
by Rebecca, 4th grade, Remington


Holds all my memories
This is how it works:
I think of things
(all in the brain)
and now I'm thinking
my mind is blank

My brain?

little man - dave macharigue-orpinel2.jpg

Inside a Heart
by Jahziel, 4th grade, Godsman

Inside a heart, see it bump
like music.
Perhaps you'll find
A vein.
Perhaps you hear it ring.
Blood red like a rose
running like water.
Veins blue and green.
My heart is going
Boom! Boom! Boom!


by Roberto, Ellis

In the night
There are witches
The moon is bright.

The sky is dark
There are scary sounds
Flying in the air.

Vampires, skeletons,
Monsters and ghosts
Are laughing ugly laughs.
It is fun!


by Cecily, 1st grade, Knapp

I like recess
I don't like inside movies
I like math
I don't like math tests
I like first grade
I don't like second grade!


by Patrena, 4th grade, Bill Roberts

Teachers always
Either teach us or
Act like love and
Catch us when we fall.
How are teachers so nice?
Either they love us
or they have a sense of humor.
Rough days at school?
Just remember teachers love you, too.


by Lizeth, 5th grade, Munroe

Stay in school!
School is a place to decide
if you're going to be
someone important in the world.
In school, teachers are like a guide
that leads you to
part of your life,
your career!
School is like a magical bicycle
that leads you to

friendship - anna carter2.jpg

by Paulette, 1st grade, Columbian

Friends are good
Friends are fun
Friends can be short
They can be tall
Friends are cool
They are so awesome
Friends can be rough
Friends can be a good thing
In your life.


by Ana and Jessica, 5th grade, Remington

On Saturday
wide awake
It's a new day

Hurry up!
Catch the bus
Getting on
Going so fast!
We got there on time

Got in line,
get the tickets
Buy some popcorn
Buy some pop
sit in our seats

Watch the movie
Two hours later...
The movie is over

Get in the bus
We're home
Just in time
for the party!

pinata - steven bravo2.jpg

My Martha
by Courtney, Kindergarten, Bryant-Webster

My Martha is shabby and gray
She feels so soft!
She smells a little good.
I love her
She looks like her
Brother Ralph
(He is not a rabbit)

rabbits - jamie avila2.jpg

We Swing
by Mirsey, 4th grade, Bromwell

We sing
we swing
We sing together
We feel like sisters
as we sing
and swing

jumprope - shantel newten2.jpg

by Savino, Kindergarten, Fairview

Red car
Beep Beep
Out of gas


by Morrhyssey, Kindergarten, Bradley

I like tiaras

mami mami - abigail rascon2.jpg
A World War II Poem
by Zoe, 4th grade, Asbury

Screams echo through
The raven black night
For the town
Is in a great fright

For it's an attack
By Germany!

English run for shelter
While bombs pelter
Roof among roof

For it's an attack
By Germany!

Homes blowing
life's going
Run! There
Is no time
For fun

For it's an attack
By Germany!

Boats rush out
in a very big amount
They take English people
to safety

For it's an attack
By Germany!

People watch the city blow
While the sky is aglow

For it's an attack
By Germany!

Bombs mean
Angry mobs

For it's an attack
By Germany!


Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Luis, 3rd grade, Cowell

Martin, Martin
Tu luchaste
Por la paz

Tu no luchaste
Con punos
Pero con palabras

Ahora tu estas muerto
Y en el cielo estas

Martin, Martin
You fought
For Peace
You did not fight
with fists
But with words
Now you are dead
And in Heaven

Denver skyline 1.jpg

by Leonel, McKinley-Thatcher

It happened once
Don't want it to happen again
It happened in school
It's all over the news
It happens every ten minutes
Makes me wonder
if there is
a God

Why does it happen?
Every day, every second,
Any time.
When will it be my time?
I'll lose everyone I hold dear,
My family, my friends, everyone
Why? Why?

ode to nature - kyra abel.jpg

Lonely as Lonely as Alone
by Shyla, 2nd grade, University Park

Lonely is blue.
It sounds like bats flowing in the sky.
It smells like rain is dropping through the clouds.
It tastes like water dropping on my tongue.
It looks like black clouds covering me.
Lonely feels like things are guarding me.

my dog bear - noelia rocha-ortiz.jpg

by Allison, 4th grade, Carson

The clouds of my soul are turning gray
They get ponderous and ponderous every day
Shortly the time will arrive

Now it's before me
It's raving inside me
the tempest

Rain of sorrow
tumbling down a skin-colored peak
Tumbling down, down, down
When the sun finally arrives
they vanish
But keep in mind they will come again

feelings - aidan ross2.jpg

I Thought of You Lately
by Gillian, 5th grade, Carson

You sent me a letter
one week ago.
I never responded,
I wanted to though.
I wondered why,
after all these years,
was it because
you needed someone
to dry yours tears?
Or was it simply
that you can brag and boast
Because you have a maid
who prepares your toast?

I thought of you lately
although I regret it.
You sent me a letter
and I'll never forget it.


by Yudith, 5th grade, Knapp

The old memories make me think
that you are still here
Now that you're not here
I have the old memories

When you were here
You told me that you are in my heart
And I am going to be in your heart
Forever and ever


by Franco, 5th grade, Munroe

Fire as bright as stars
Flowing like a river of lava
Fire as read as lava, burning like the sun
Fire as restless as a tornado, dancing like a storm.
Fire as hot as a light bulb burning all day,
fire spreads away!

A POEM KNOWS - back cover only.jpg

Power of Imagination
by Ivan, Kaiser

What can you do with imagination,
You can build your own kid nation,
You can make a bunny bear,
You can have a talking hair,
You can ride a flyer coaster,
Your friend could even be an oyster,
There's nothing you can't do with imagination
If you put your mind to it.

silhoueettee by tree.jpg